A doctor speaks to a black African woman before she receives her covid vaccine.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) working with partners, are committed to reducing health inequalities. They are supporting London Borough of Newham’s aspiration to be a Centre of Excellence Addressing Health Inequalities.

In 2022 Newham PCN Clinical Directors came together to develop a Borough Wide Health Inequality (HI) Plan as well as additional individual PCN HI Plans.  A number of PCNs also nominated health inequality leads.

Newham Wide Health Inequality Plan Cancer and Immunisation

Focusing on one of the Core20 PLUS5 NHSE priorities areas and one of the PCN Contract areas these are:

  • Cancer Screening (focus on identified groups that traditionally find it difficult to access services)
  • All age Immunisations (focus on children) 


Cervical and breast screening 

Improving cancer outcomes for our patients through better prevention and creating multiple access routes to screening and diagnosis. The work delivered will incorporate additional interventions needed to ensure specific actions to target identified disadvantaged groups. 

All age Immunisations (focus on children) 

To protect the population and protect children from recognized diseases. To reduce the number of unvaccinated children and reduce the likelihood of a public health outbreak such as measles.

Working collaboratively across all Newham PCNs ensures that services are delivered to 

  • Reflect local, regional, and national guidance relating to NHSE Primary Care Network Development and Primary Care Long Term Plan.
  • Support the reduction of unwarranted variation between and within PCNs on locally agreed priority areas.
  • Further ensure equal access to services, consistent quality of care, and that patients receive the right service at the first point of contact; improving patient outcomes.

In December 2022 PCNs announced that they would be delivering ‘Pro Active Social Prescribing’. Each PCN identified high need local populations and developed a tailored  programme of services for them.

PCNProgramme developed for 
DocklandsCommon Mental Illness
Physical Health Checks for SMI Population
North East 1Common Mental Illness – Cancer
All existing patients diagnosed with a cancer at 31/10/22, with additional vulnerability or identified disadvantage.
North East 2Common Mental Illness 
Housebound / Carers 
North Newham Pre/Diabetes & Common mental Health
Newham Central Carers
Register improvement including flu vaccine uptake for carers
Housebound patients
coding including flu vaccine uptake 
South One Common Mental Illness
Those with a diagnosis of Depression and Anxiety from Oct 2021
Pre diabetic and over 65yrs
Stratford Common Mental Illness
Children and Young People
with low level mental health needs, CYP Age: 12 – 25 
Central One Children and Young People 
reducing Knife Crime aged 11-18yrs, who might have risk factors for getting involved in knife crime
Diabetes /Pre Diabetes
Low Calorie Diet Group Work
North West 2 Diabetes /Pre Diabetes

It is envisaged that throughout the lifetime of these Health Inequalities projects that PCNs with the support of further population health data will identify others key health inequality areas to address and as such will look to develop other interventions.