Newham Health Collaborative (NHC) is a GP federation, representing all 46 GP practices within the Newham borough boundaries - a population of over 400,000 registered patients.  We provide services to our member practices and the Primary Care Networks within which they operate, as well as our key commissioners: Newham Clinical Commissioning Group and the London Borough of Newham.

 We aim to improve the health and wellbeing of our population by:

  • supporting population-based, patient-focused care;
  • providing an extended range of services in local settings to Newham residents;
  • improving the integration and co-ordination of patient services to make them more effective and efficient and to provide a better experience for patients;
  • improving the quality of primary care services and reducing variation in service delivery and inequalities in patient outcomes;
  • supporting GP practices to develop a more sustainable approach to delivery of primary care, including helping practices to come together to share resources and to make better use of their skilled workforce and other community resources; and
  • taking a lead role in the development of local provider partnerships with health, voluntary and social care partners

We have been providing a range of support to our practices during the coronavirus outbreak, including technical assistance with online consultations and remote working, procurement of emergency PPE supplies, and business support with risk assessments and other COVID-related tasks.  Since April we have hosted regular borough-wide webinars for all practice colleagues, and have established a Single Point of Information intranet site, which offers tailored, local, up-to-date information and guidance.

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