Why have we developed a business plan?

  • Fail to plan, plan to fail – Success doesn’t happen by accident
  • Timescales & milestones – Spread activity through the planning period
  • Coordination – Avoid duplication
  • Resource planning – What do we need and when? Is it affordable?
  • Innovation & Problem solving – Identify opportunities and issues early
  • Monitoring progress and achievement

•Enable GP led, resilient partnerships that deliver excellent care for all patients in our community

•Bring a strong collective voice that enables our practices to thrive

•Be the provider of choice for Borough-wide services

•Our staff are a key part of our team and our ambassadors in the community.

•NHC Leadership Team support all our staff to have respect and an inclusive approach to diversity, equalities and service delivery

Deliver 24/7 excellent primary care services for our borough.
• Develop a proposition and secure leadership of the UTC services.
• Secure OOH delivery for the NEL commissioned services.
• Build on our Extended Access programme with a range of custom-made services that enhance health inequalities.
Develop a connected patient voice that guides out work with regular communications.• Embed patient engagement and communications into each service – draw on patient feedback quarterly to deliver service improvement.
• Connect NHC to the Boroughwide patient voice mechanisms.
• Work closely with Health Watch to regularly review our services and bring patient informed improvement.
Embed improvement culture for service development & delivery.• Develop our analytical capabilities and ensure reporting of the services we offer is used to guide and inform future service delivery and commissioning of new services.
• Establish an operational delivery group where all NHC services are reviewed and improved regularly.
• Enhance management and team leadership with training, team coordination and standardization of core activities.
Support each practice to improve
• Develop portfolio of support services including practice management, CQC expertise, compliance activities, clinical systems and digital support.
• Strengthen benefits of Practices, PCNs and ARRS staff to improve quality services for patients.
Build stronger PCNs that deliver
the change in Health Inequalities
the Borough needs.
• Financial management to enable PCNs to effectively utilise their entire budgets.
• ARRs staff – agree a longer-term workforce planning and development plan.
• Delivery of the PCN investment plan.
Develop, promote and deliver
services that enable our practices
to manage the growth in demand.
• Support each practice to secure data informed change meeting demand pressures.
• Develop the NHC GPN Bank to offer practice nurses and nurse led services.
Bring consistent strong leadership
of PC Voice through PCNs & the
Borough Partnership.

• Establish Leadership group with commissioners that meets regularly, and plans changes in Primary Care.
• Build the collective dialogue with partners in primary care.
• Ensure leaders have access to the skills and knowledge needed to make the case for Primary Care.
Strong connected PC leaders who
have the skills and evidence to
advocate for primary care.
• Development of the evidence base needed for Primary Care advocates to evidence the demand pressures and need of the service.
• Build the evidence base on workforce challenges and advocate for improved planning.
Partners who value our contribution
and understand what PC can bring
to the improvement of resident
• Regular partner communications and dialogue.
• Working closely with our partners at NUH to build a stronger urgent primary care service.
• Working closely with our partners in Public Health to inform our health inequalities programme of work.

A strong NHC with an improvement culture approach.

Staff & leadership
• Mid Managers training and support programme.
• Staff survey and implementation.
• Enhanced Admin leadership.
• Develop and embed QI Training across teams.
• Develop and implement EDI action plan.
Estates, contracts &
• Improved business and Contract management.
• Strengthened Purchase order system and budget forecasting.
• Develop and deliver Estates programme for NHC and primary Care.
• Revised PCN support SLA.
Systems• Board planning agenda, calendar and staff feedback.
• Comprehensive system of Policy review and implementation.
• Data analytics embedded into decision cycle.
• Rota Management – NHC and PCNs.

Delivery & Implementation

QuarterKey Milestones
Q1 2023/24• Coordination of NHC working groups and directorate workplans agreed
• CQC Inspection Prep & Governance review
• Health inequality Roving Team funding secured
• Comprehensive system of Policy implementation
Q2 2023/24• Patient engagement plan for 2023 commenced
• Evaluate 22/23 HI and PCN outcomes
• Delivery of EDI action plans
• Borough wide specialist LTC clinics established
• NHC digital transformation programme
Q3 2023/24• Implementation of 24/7 access services
• NHC Workforce development programme delivered
• Annual practice survey undertaken
Q4 2023/24• Long term NHC estate plan implemented
• Completion of 2-year NHC Investment Plan

NHC cross-organisational work streams:

• Quality & governance
• Performance reporting
• Patient engagement & Communications
• EMIS working group
• PCN & Practice Support
• Roving team & tackling health Inequalities
• EDI workstream
• 24/7 Access
• Corporate Processes

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