Governance team

NHC Corporate Governance: How does this work in practice?

The Board is comprised of 3 directly elected GPs, 4 selected from CDs, 2 non-execs and the CEO; they meet ten times a year and are held to account at the Annual General Meeting.

Board Responsibilities:

  • Set the direction for the organisation
  • Determines the mission, vision and approves the organisational strategy
  • Oversees the finances, sets budgets and approves the accounts
  • Oversees risk and compliance
  • Meets monthly to review previous month and direct change where needed
  • Reports on performance and exceptions
  • Risk register reviewed quarterly

The SLT is comprised of Service directors, Finance, HR and office management; the SLT deal with day to day management of oversight and services, and are accountable to the Board.

SLT Responsibilities:

  • Implements the agreed strategy
  • Oversees the operational responsibilities for the organisation
  • Reports to the Board on course corrections needed
  • Manages finances, budgets and prepares the accounts
  • Manages risks and reports to the board on compliance
  • Meets weekly to review performance and delivery against strategy
  • Prepares options for the Board to consider and determine
  • Reviews and manages risk
  • Delivers against individual objectives
  • Reports to the SLT on their operational responsibilities
  • Where financial responsibility is given staff report to the SLT on management of budgets
  • Reports on risks and compliance – clear on decisions needed
  • Have annual appraisals and goal setting
  • Have regular one to ones and support from managers & directors
  • Supported to take actions independently where appropriate

Clinical Governance

The clinical leads

Financial Governance