Information for GPs

Part of our support to GP practices is around information sharing, to ensure practices know what support is available to them, how we are performing as an organisation. We also ensure practices receive updates and resources from relevant partners. 

We share information with practices through the following means: 

  • On the 2nd Friday of each month NHC hosts the Newham ‘GP Forum’ via Microsoft Teams.  This online meeting provides relevant, and timely updates to GPs so they are aware of any changes to NHC services, can hear from local partners and services, and receive appropriate guidance. The GP Forum is a combination of the previous ‘GP Webinar’ and Practice Council. The Forum is recorded and the recording is placed on our YouTube channel for anyone who is unable to attend, or wishes to revisit any items. The webinar is followed up with our ‘GP Forum Round Up’ email which gives a summary of what was discussed in the webinar, along with some additional updates and resources.
  • In addition to the GP Webinar, we also send out a GP newsletter on the 4th Friday of each month. This is to ensure GP practices receive communications from NHC at least every 2 weeks and don’t miss out on timely updates. You can sign up to receive the newsletter on our Contact Us page.
  • All practices also have access to GP Teamnet. This software can used for practices for their own internal communication and for accessing updates and resources from us. As practice colleagues log into teamnet, they will be able to see the latest announcements from us and local partners and will access the library full of resources. We update this library with patient leaflets and relevant resources for practices to be able to refer back to. 
  • As well as the above, local practices and colleagues can follow us on our social media channels for updates.