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Health and Wellbeing Coaching: A case study

This week is #HealthCoaching Awareness Week so we’re taking a close look at the role of a Health and Wellbeing Coach.

Health and Wellbeing coaches are one of the three personalised roles in GP practices along with social prescribers and care coordinators. But what do they do and how can they help patients?

Newham based Health and Wellbeing Coach Ravneet kindly shared a case study of a patient she supported:

“Mrs K came to her first appointment presenting with a number of issues including high blood pressure and a high BMI. She was feeling overwhelmed and anxious particularly about her weight and health. She explained she was snapping at her family and had no time to exercise.

I worked with her to create a safe space where she could explore her emotional, social and medical stresses. We spent time brainstorming activities to divert, manage and transmute these feelings. We also spent time understanding her triggers and disruptors to her wellbeing.

As a result of working together Mrs K ….
➡ Lowered her blood pressure and BMI ❤️
➡Started using the Active 10 app to track her daily walking 🚶‍♀️
➡Now takes a step back and takes time to rest 😌
➡Independently applied for a new job 💼
➡ Learnt to apply skills in times of stress (including experiencing a bereavement) ✅
➡ Required less appointments with her GP as she learnt to self manage her health” 👩‍⚕️

Health and Wellbeing Coaches provide a service to communities who may be subject to health inequalities, providing a safe space for them to talk alone without the judgement of others. Health and Wellbeing Coaches can provide some accountability and motivation to help patients to stick with, and reach their goals.

As well as supporting patients, Health and Wellbeing Coaches support GP practices by helping patients with non clinical issues, freeing up clinical time for GPs, whilst providing follow up support to patients who may need longer, more in depth support to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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