The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)  exists to support patients with complex needs who are at risk, by bringing together a variety of specialists to encourage proactive planning and all-encompassing, coordinated patient care. GP practices in Newham hold monthly MDT meetings, sometimes known as an MDMs (Multi Disciplinary team Meetings). A plan of action is created after patients are reviewed by primary, community, mental health, and social care professionals. Goals are set, care and crisis plans are agreed upon, and overall communication is improved. This, along with timely shared decision-making, ensures that the patient’s needs are met and their wishes are known. This helps to eliminate clinical delays/duplication across routes and avoidable hospital admissions. 

This also guarantees that safety issues are regularly discussed, escalated, and resolved.

MDT coordinators provided by NHC, coordinate with GPs, nursing staff, practice staff, social workers, and other MDT members throughout MDT meetings with an MDT coordinator offering specialised administration help and advice to coordinating the cases to be reviewed at the meeting.

The MDT coordinator swiftly types up meeting notes and activities, arranges MDT meetings into Teams, distribes the agenda and minutes, and pursues follow-ups. MDT coordinators act as a point of contact for the teams, handling and reacting appropriately to complex inquiries from any stakeholders and compassionately and independently distributing pertinent information to appropriate team members.